July 6, 2020

Indian Railway train running status- how to check – full details

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Indian Railway train running status- how to check, the answer you will get today.

to check the train running status in Indian Railway, you can visit the official Indian railway website- https://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/ 

there you have to pick your train number and journey date.

train running status
train running status

by filling the journey date and train number, you can check the train running status of any train in India.

checking the train running status is very important, as you can save a lot of your valuable time if your train is delayed, because of any reason.

how to check train running status by the app?

Alternatively, you can download the apps from google pay store for train running status.

Today there are many such mobile applications that tell you the exact location of the train to a great extent.

some famous mobile applications are-

  • IRCTC rail connect
  • Where is my train
  • Locate my train
  • Train running status

and many more.

how important is knowing the train running status for a passenger?

It is very important for any passenger to know the correct location of the train, if a passenger knows the correct location of the train, then he gets lot of benefits.

Suppose you have to take a train from a station, but that train is running late.
If you have the correct information about the location of the train, then you will go to the station according to the right time of the train’s running.
If you do not know the correct running status of the train, then you will waste hours while waiting for the train at the station.

Even if you are traveling by a train, it becomes important for you to know the exact position of the train because you can plan about the journey ahead of you only when you know when you are going to get to your destination station.


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