July 6, 2020

Premium Tatkal Ticket Rule- full details- RAC means

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Knowing the rule of the Premium Tatkal ticket can be very helpful to any railway passenger.
It can save you time and money, and you can enjoy a comfortable journey

Premium Tatkal ticket is a premium service of Indian Railways under which you have a chance to get confirmed tickets under Tatkal quota, 1 day before travel in very famous trains.

premium tatkal ticket rules
premium tatkal ticket rules

As you know, under the Tatkal quota, you can book tickets on almost all trains in India 1 day before travel.

Premium Tatkal tickets are the premium service of the same Tatkal quota under which about 50% seats of Tatkal quota are reserved.

Under premium tatkal, you have to pay more than tatkal, and it is also dynamic, meaning the ticket price increases after booking of every seat.

Premium Tatkal tickets can be booked in all classes in Indian Railways such as Sleeper AC Three Tier AC to Tier AC First Class.

What is the need for Premium Tatkal Ticket?

Premium Tatkal tickets have proved very helpful for a lot of passengers.
Because there are many famous trains in which the Tatkal quota ticket ends within 1 minute of the ticket counter opening.
So by the way, I brought this new rule in the railway under which premium instant quota was implemented in some famous trains.

Under this, you can book the premium tatkal at the time of the Tatkal ticket, but you will have to pay a higher ticket price and this price will also be dynamic, meaning the ticket price will increase after every ticket.

Due to this, the chances of getting confirmed tickets for the passengers who are ready to pay more money are increased.

And the Railways also started earning some extras.

Benefits of Premium Tatkal Ticket

  • The biggest advantage of premium Tatkal tickets is that the chances of getting a confirmed ticket are very high.
  • You get a confirmed ticket 1 day before the trip, meaning you can travel anywhere in the emergency.
  • Premium Tatkal tickets are available in all classes.
  • only confirmed ticket will be booked, no Waiting list or RAC ticket.
benefits of premium tatkal ticket
benefits of premium tatkal ticket

Drawbacks of Premium Tatkal Ticket

  • The biggest disadvantage of premium Tatkal tickets is that you have dynamic pricing, which means you have to pay more money.
  • For any train which has a premium instant quota, the seats of its immediate quota are reduced and the premium is given in the immediate quota, then there is a loss to the passenger here that the seat in the immediate quota is reduced.
  • If you go to book tickets under premium Tatkal in class like AC to Tier or AC First class, sometimes it is more than the price of flight tickets.

Premium Tatkal ticket Timing

Premium tatkal ticketing is timed with the tatkal ticket.
If you want to book premium tatkal tickets in Sleeper class, then the counter will open for you at 10:00 am, while if you want to book premium tatkal tickets in AC class, the counter will open for you at 10:00 am.

If you want, at the same time, you can also book premium Tatkal tickets online from the website of IRCTC.

Premium Tatkal ticket charges

For a premium tatkal ticket, you have to pay more than the tatkal, and because it is dynamic, the ticket price increases with every ticket booked.
So, therefore, there is no fixed price of premium Tatkal ticket. According to how soon you have booked, you can get a slightly cheaper ticket.

Premium Tatkal ticket Tricks- 

If it is very important for you to travel, and you are not getting a ticket on any train, then you are compelled to book the ticket within the premium Tatkal quota.
If you have to book tickets within the premium Tatkal quota, then keep in mind a few things,
This can save you a lot of money.

In the train in which you are interested in the ticket, the seat is very less under the Tatkal quota, then you have the option of premium Tatkal.
If you have decided that you have to take tickets under premium Tatkal quota then do not try  under Tatkal quota, Directly book under premium tatkal quota,
Because by the time you try under the Tatkal quota, you will waste your 2 minutes, till then the price of the ticket under the Premium Tatkal quota will be very high.
At the same time, if you go for the Tatkal premium Tatkal quota ticket at the beginning, you will also be able to buy tickets at a very low price and you will get the confirmed ticket too.

Premium Tatkal Ticket rules FAQs-

When can the Premium Tatkal ticket be booked?

Premium Tatkal Ticket Timing and Tatkal Ticket Timing are same
For both tickets, the counter opens at 10:00 am.
You can buy any premium Tatkal tickets up to 1 day before traveling.
For Premium Tatkal tickets AC class tickets are booked at 10:00 AM,
While Sleeper class is booked at 11:00 am.

Is Premium tatkal available in all tarins?

No, only some famous trains have a premium tatkal quota.

How many seats are allotted in the Tatkal quota?

Friends, I hope that you will like this article about Premium Tatkal Ticket Rule, if you have any questions or suggestions from my side, then you can comment and tell me if you want to read about Premium Tatkal ticket in हिंदी – click here.

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