September 28, 2020

RAC Discussions- questions and answers on RAC

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RAC Discussions- questions and answers on RAC

  1. is RAC means confirm ticket?

yes, RAC is a confirm ticket, as the birth numbers are mentioned on the ticket. but the only negative point with the RAC ticket is that you have to share your birth with a co-passenger.

Your seat number is also mentioned on the ticket received under RAC, so it is a confirmed ticket.

If I have a RAC ticket and after boarding the train, I get off before my destination station on the way, will I get a refund?

If your ticket is in RAC and you board the train then after that you will not get any refund.
Even if you get down at a station on the way, you will have to pay the fare in full. No eligible refund of your ticket will be given to you by Indian Railways.

If I board a train with an RAC ticket, are there chances that TTE will give me a confirmed seat?

Yes yes
If you are boarding a train with an RAC ticket, you are very likely to get a confirmed seat.
First of all, if your fellow passengers traveling on your berth do not board the train for any reason, then your ticket will get confirmed automatically.
In the second case, if your co-passenger is also traveling, then after checking all the people’s tickets, TTE will shift you or your co-passenger,  if they get an empty seat somewhere.
Which will confirm the tickets of both of you RAC holders.

You can request from TTE to give a confirmed berth to you or your fellow traveler, not force it.
According to TT Priority, if you shift all the RSC people to an empty seat, then you may have to wait for a little.
Many times it happens that in case there is no vacant seat, both of you RAC passengers may have to travel the entire journey on one seat.


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