September 28, 2020

RAC ticket cancelation charges, Process and conditions- full detail

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RAC ticket cancelation charges, process, and conditions involved are a must-know for all the traveler of the Indian railway. with proper knowledge, you can save your time and money. here are the charges of cancelation of RAC ticket-

Cancelation charge of AC 1st class ticket- 60 rupees

cancelation charge of AC 2 tier ticket- 60 rupees

cancelation charge of AC 3 tier ticket- 60 rupees

cancelation charge of sleeper class ticket- 60 rupees

rac ticket cancelation charges

the cancelation charges for RAC ticket and Waiting List are the same. for both, you have to pay 60 rupees only.

Conditions for RAC ticket cancelation

  1. RAC tickets can be canceled up to 30 minutes of actual train departure time. this will make sure you will get your refund.
  2. alternatively, you can file TDR also to get your refund.
  3. for online bookings, all the refunds will be made in the payment account only, and IRCTC will never ask for your account details, they have your account details, from which you have made the payment.
  4. for counter tickets, you have to visit the counter and cancel the ticket.


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