September 28, 2020

Which ticket is better-RAC or Tatkal

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which ticket is better RAC or tatkal is a big question while making your travel plans and only RAC quota seats are available. now you have to decide, whether to take a chance and book a RAC ticket or wait for the Tatkal quota reservation. here will explain to you the positive and negative aspects of both types of tickets, RAC ticket, and Tatkal ticket.

which one is better rac or tatkal ticket
why rac is better than tatkal

Benefits of RAC ticket-

  • you have to pay less in comparison to the Tatkal quota ticket.
  • No Dynamic pricing will be applicable to RAC tickets.
  • you can cancel up to 4 hours before the actual train departure and can get the almost full amount refunded. only 60 rupees as a cancelation charge will be deducted. this charge is fixed in all classes.
  • if your travel plan is not 100 percent confirm then RAC tickets can save you a lot.
  • Chances are there that you will get a confirm birth.
  • you needed not to pay for the full stretch of the train, you have to pay up to your journey station.
  • you can get the benefit of all kinds of concessions available by the Indian railway for Indian citizens. such as senior citizen, child

Drawbacks of RAC ticket-

  • you cant be 100 percent sure, whether your ticket will get confirmed or not.
  • after final chart preparation also, if your Ticket status is RAC then you have to share your birth with a co-passenger.
  • you have to travel with light luggage only.

Benefits of Tatkal ticket-

  • A Tatkal ticket gives you peace of mind, you will get a confirm birth, so you can plan your journey with peace in mind.
  • one day before travel you can get a confirmed ticket for your train journey.
  • No matter how much waiting list is for the general quota, you will get a confirm seat as the seats for the Tatkal quota is reserved separately.
  • with the improved website speed of the IRCTC website, you can easily book your Tatkal ticket on your own also.

drawbacks of Tatkal ticket-

  • you have to pay a higher amount than a normal ticket.
  • no concession tickets are allowed.
  • you have to pay for the full journey of that train.
  • no cancelation allowed, you will not get any refund on cancelation.
  • getting a ticket is a big task, as so many passengers will try at a time.
  • in many cases, you have to wait in a queue or consult an agent.

so by going through all the above-said points, one can easily decide, that RAC is better than the Tatkal quota seat. if at the time of booking itself the ticket status is RAC, it means the chances of Ticket confirmation are very high. so by taking care of the RAC number and travel date you can easily book and get a confirm ticket under RAC quota. extra care should be taken of festive seasons while getting a ticket in RAC quota.


Each time you travel, the situation is different, you are advised to disassemble according to your situation, which will be better for you in RAC and Tatkal.
All the above points can help you make your decision.

The biggest motive behind asking and understanding this question is that you should be able to travel and travel comfortably.

So I hope that after understanding all these points, you will be able to take the decision of RAC and Tatkal which will be better for you.


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